Mike Vance    

 Because of his exciting style and unique content, Mike Vance is a distinguished name in speaking and communicating.  His fast-paced delivery, sprinkled with good-natured humor, makes him one of the most stimulating speakers and sought-after teachers.  USA TODAY named Mike as one of the most requested speakers in the United States.
     Mike spent many years in charge of idea and people development for Walt Disney Productions, Disneyland and Walt Disney World.  He also served as Dean of Disney University, famed for its superlative training programs which set a new standard for customer service in the world.  The management development programs Mike created to prepare the leadership cadre for Walt Disney World have become exemplary models.  He is considered to be one of the outstanding innovators in management development, training, and building corporate cultures.
     Columnist, Andy Rooney, writing about speakers in his column, said, "Mike Vance, he speaks more than anyone else."  Mike is requested so often because his dynamic style hits home hard with a wealth of good ideas geared at getting things done.  His calendar is filled with repeat customers, such as:

General Electric
Sun MicroSystems
Johnson & Johnson
Proctor and Gamble
Coca Cola
Bank One
Kraft Foods
Young Presidents Organization

Mike began speaking about "out of the box thinking" nearly 30 years ago, popularizing the phrase "Think Out of the Box."  He co-founded the Creative Thinking Association of America with Diane Deacon to awaken and stimulate the creative urge in all of us by providing resources for unleashing human potential. He has co-authored with Diane Deacon five widely acclaimed books --  Think Out of the Box®, Break Out of the Box, Raise the Bar, Creating  MegaResults™ and How to Stop Pissing and Moaning.

"Mike is one of the most creative guys I've met in a long time.  He'll take you down new roads, no matter how many you've been down before."  -- Walt Disney

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