"We couldn't have accomplished what we did at Apple without Mike Vance."
-- A.C. (Mike) Markkula, Former Chairman, Apple Computer

"Mike and Diane have opened new doors for me to the creative adventure of 'thinking out of the box."
-- James Newton, Author, Uncommon Friends

"Mike, you're one of the most creative guys I've met in a long time."
-- Walt Disney

"There are few people in this world who have had more impact on my thinking, personal approach and direction than Mike Vance.  His ability to demonstrate how one can create a first-rate team and work in harmony with maximum imagination and ingenuity is truly remarkable.  His lessons are meaningful, exciting and personally challenging.  Developing these principles within any organization leads one down the pathway of maximum success."
-- Norman Brinker, Chairman of the Board, Brinker International

“I’ve used the principles in this book to create MegaResults on two big programs at GM. In the Y2K project, we finished the business  process roll-forward testing ahead of schedule …on another key project we surpassed the stretch goals. It works – try it and prove it to yourself”!
-- Warren Turski, Director Project Tracking and Compliance, Information Systems and Services, General Motors Corporation.

“Creating MegaResults is a must-read for any leader truly interested in getting across the finish line. I have worked with Diane and Mike using the methodologies outlined in this book over the years and can testify to its deliverance – a complete blueprint for moving from  strategy and idea development to the finished result. I’ve seen many other attempts to outline a framework for execution but none capture the essence provided by their creative methodology. This should be the number one read for people who really want to execute for big results.”
-- George W. Fink, President and Chief Operating Officer, Tele Atlas

“MegaResults, in business and in life, enrich us all. But few  organizations or people achieve them consistently...if at all. No one  I have worked with has both the track record and breadth of  experience in delivering MegaResults that Diane Deacon and Mike Vance  have. Their approach itself is “out of the box”. This book is filled  with proven tools and methods which can be used in any business or  organization. This book will put you on the path to achieving  “MegaResults.”
-- Peter McNally & Associates, former Senior Director of National  Marketing, Taco Bell Corporation

“By learning and applying this creative process you will master  opportunities to create optimal results and -- sustain them”.
-- Dr. Christopher Hegarty Phd., Founder of the Institute for Exceptional Performance

“Mike Vance and Diane Deacon truly understand the difference between  “Top Line” and “Bottom Line” thinking. Their methods produce not  only, “MegaResults” but long-term employee and customer satisfaction  as well.”
-- Linda Pickwick, President, Top Line Specialists, Inc.

“I have used this creative process for years whenever I am planning something big and complex. It is so brilliant yet so simple and elegant. I am deeply grateful to Mike and Diane for introducing me to new ways to see, think, and do.”
-- David B. Hazen, CPCU, CIC, President, Young and Merrill Agency

“Over the years, Mike and Diane have provided me with the tools and confidence to create a company, from a simple idea to one now worth several hundred million dollars. Applying creative solutions to age-old problems, which are becoming increasingly complex, can only be positively influenced with the tools and thinking outlined in “MegaResults.”
-- Tom Guest, Vice President Marketing, Intrinsic Therapeutics Inc.

“We train and treat corporate America likprofessional athletes. We want winning seasons in business and in our personal lives. I have utilized Diane and Mike’s creative process and have achieved big results. I highly recommend MegaResults and get started today. You owe it to yourself to be a winner.”
-- Mark Everest, President & CEO, Occupational Athletics, Inc.

“Mike and Diane changed my life and business. They have mastered the  art of creating the “next big thing”. We have applied their  methodologies to take our business to the next level. They helped me  grow as a leader and they continue to challenge me to Think Out of  the Box. These philosophies will enhance your life and your business.”
-- Todd Welch, CEO of Charter Partners

“Creating MegaResults is a guide to thinking the impossible, a process for accomplishing the improbable, and a blueprint for turning dreams into reality.”
-- Val J. Halamandaris, JD, Founder of the Caring Institute and President, National Association of HomeCare & Hospice

“If it’s your job to improve results, then you must read Creating MegaResults by Mike and Diane. They have been instrumental in helping me grow our results every year above the national average for our industry. Their techniques and ideas helped us become strategically creative and helped us generate MegaResults for our clients.”
-- Donald D. Jacobs, VP & Market Manager, Results Radio Cumulus Media

“I have worked with Diane and Mike successfully on several projects over the last 15 years. Their methods for inspiring creative thinking and project development/implementation stand the test of time. Like their three previous books, MegaResults has keys you can use and knobs you can turn to either tweak or transform a project team, operation, or enterprise to unlock the latent creativity needed for extraordinary results.”

-- Dave Abdo, Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, RFD Packaging 
Operations Manager, Freescale Semi-conductor, Inc.

“Creating MegaResults principals and tools has enabled our people to be more creative, improving business results. Mike and Diane relate these experiences through stories and tools which enable readers to begin their path to Creating MegaResults.”
-- Ken Dobler, VP Franchise Development, Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company



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