Public and Customized In-House

Our Think Out of the Box® Seminars, along with others have been personally taught by Mike Vance and Diane Deacon for many years at public events and tailored in-house company programs.  Learn these tools and techniques that continually provide breakthrough solutions.

The Major Benefits of our Seminars:

  • Fosters "Out of the Box" Thinking:  Gets people out of old thought patterns into innovative thinking habits.
  • Comprehensive:  A "Master Plan" is generated to tell a story of what you want to accomplish and how you will do it.  It helps you avoid being stuck in the planning phase while carrying out a project.
  • Creative:  Generates "breakthrough ideas and solutions."
  • Reduces Meetings and Reports:  This visual planning process reduces unnecessary paperwork and unproductive meetings.
  • Fast:  Works with the speed of sight because it is visual, quick to start up, and easy to use.
  • Participative:  Gets people involved, informed and inspired.  Promotes teamwork.
  • Fun:  Generates excitement and enthusiasm while producing solutions.
  • Flexible:  Designed to fit specific project needs and other company programs.
  • Saves Time and Money:  System eliminates the problem of projects "dragging on."  It gets the work done!
  • Cultivates Company Culture:  Not a one-shot program, but an ongoing process for breakthrough solutions.
  • Promotes Creative Environments:  Application of these tools and techniques develops creative environments, such as Team Centers™ and Kitchens for the Mind™ to enhance corporate culture.
  • Gets Ideas Implemented:  Fosters detailed "roll out" plans for speed and effective implementation.
  • IT WORKS!:  Proven results by companies and individuals around the world.

Our most requested speech and seminar topics are the following:

Are you tired of spending a lot of time, money and energy on projects only to get little or no results?
Are you tired of projects with huge budgets and many people who deliver little or no results?
If yes, then this seminar is for you!

  • Discover this proven creative process for achieving record breaking success.
  • Learn how to do what is required to achieve what is desired.

Progress has been made throughout history by those who "Raise the Bar" from darkness to light, from cave dwellings to skyscrapers, and from crawling to going mach II on the Concord.  This topic offers eight proven strategies to "Raise the Bar" to a new level in any field or endeavor. Learn how to build a dynamic culture of creativity and innovation.

Walt Disney did it.  Thomas Edison did it.  And now Mike Vance and Diane Deacon, co-authors of the book Think Out of the Box, will help you do it.  You'll hear proven, exciting ideas for getting out of your old thought patterns into new and innovative thinking habits.

Learn how to identify what your company culture is today, what you want it to be in the future, and how to get it there.  Learn how to create a culture of continuous innovation and creativity.

We specialize in the training and development of a unique type of high performance producer called a Resulter™.

Resulters™ are specially trained individuals who become masters of the tools, techniques and methodologies required to produce MegaResults and sustain them.

They are skilled at developing and executing creative plans to produce “Out of the Box” results to meet personal and organizational growth goals.

If your organization does not have trained Resulters™ working in it then you are probably not achieving the MegaResults desired and required for maximum success.

Contact us to learn more about our Resulter™ seminars and on-going training and development programs.

Discover the skills, actions and attitudes that define what it takes to succeed.  Develop an entrepreneurial state of mind for yourself and others.

A new approach to leadership and management in an era of the boundaryless culture.  Understanding that decision making is easier when we know what your values are.  Learn how to improve the "Bottom Line" with good "Top Line" values.

Techniques for achieving mastery in leadership for today's changing times.  Learn how to become a creative and inspirational leader.  Principles based on personal experience with exceptional leaders.

Learn how to develop a Team Center™ for a creative work environment and a Kitchen for the Mind™ -- a creative living center for the home.  Design and build environments for discovery.

Discover the techniques and practices utilized by many creative geniuses for developing great ideas.



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