A Kitchen for the Mind™

Why live in a boring house.  Now you too can have an exciting living environment with a Kitchen for the Mind™.

Compare the Kitchen for the Mind™ with the Kitchen for the Stomach.  We have in our homes a room called a kitchen.  Technology has evolved over the years to make products that fit into this space -- products such as microwaves, refrigerators, ovens, blenders, crock pots, etc.; products to help us feed our stomachs.  All these products fit neatly into this room, called a kitchen, complete with recipes to make banana cakes for our stomachs.

Today, we also have magnificent technology to feed our mind -- products such as TVs, VCRs, web TVs, Internet, computers, Nintendo, electronic chess, microscopes, telescopes, etc.  However, we haven't created the unique space where all of this technology fits neatly together with other resources, providing an enriched environment.  This is an environment which helps us utilize all of these products to create the needed recipes (programs) that produce banana cakes for our heads.

Mike talks about how to create these exciting environments in his lectures and on his "Kitchen for the Mind™" Audio Cassette program, which is available to you in our Mall for the Mind™.  Put one together and expand your mind or let our team custom design one for you


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