Diane Deacon    
iane Deacon is President and co-founder of the Creative Thinking Association of America (CTA), which was founded to promote creativity and innovation.  She is also President of Intellectual Equities, Inc., products, seminar, and consulting corporation that provides creative business products and services to companies worldwide.
     Diane has worked for more than 15 years with Mike Vance, who is the former Dean of Disney University and was in charge of idea and people development for Walt Disney Productions, Disneyland and Walt Disney World.
     Diane has co-authored with Mike Vance five widely acclaimed books --  Think Out of the Box®, Break Out of the Box, Raise the Bar, Creating  MegaResults™ and How to Stop Pissing and Moaning.
These books incorporate practical "how to's" with profiles of the best creative thinkers.  Think Out of the Box is reaching huge proportions as people are beginning to catch on to what Diane and Mike have been teaching and talking about for years -- out of the box thinking.  Break Out of the Box gives you the tools and techniques needed to really achieve the major breakthroughs that lead to maximum success.

Diane has worked on the development of many major projects for companies around the world, including:

Johnson & Johnson
General Motors
Voluntary Hospitals of America
General Electric
Michelin Tires
Owens Corning Fiberglas
Ethicon Endo-Surgery
General Foods
Glaxo Pharmaceutical
Proctor & Gamble
Mars, Inc.
Pitney Bowes
Sun MicroSystems
Coca Cola

Diane's leadership skills, broad background and unique experiences have enabled the many projects she has facilitated to get implemented with great success.  Additionally, Diane's experience with the highly effective Creative Approach™, in-depth exposure to innovative problem solving, and idea development cause her to be considered by many as an expert in the areas of:
Thinking Out of the Box, Breaking Out of the Box, creative project facilitation, new product development, designing Team Center™ environments, business/marketing plans, cultivating company cultures, and strategic master plans.

"Diane is one of the most effective project facilitators and communicators in the field of creative thinking.  She gets the job done!"  -- Mike Vance


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