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Do you have a creative work environment?

Do you have a place where people can go to think, plan, communicate, create and celebrate!

If not, let our experienced design consultants work with you to develop creative environments such as Team Centers™. 

The Team Center™ is one of most exciting and productive environments in the workplace today.  Strategically located throughout facilities, Team Centers™ encourage teamwork and interaction.  Elaborately furnished or simple, Team Centers™ are effective.  They are creative environments that provide the resources and tools for teams and/or individuals that promote innovation through creative thinking. The Team Center™ is designed as a place where people go to think, strategize, and communicate to achieve desired goals.

Our design services range from total start to finish buildings and facilities or just creating a unique concept design to be implemented.


We work in collaboration with your facilities management team, design and engineering group, or architectural firm if they are already in place.  We develop creative design concepts for a wide range of needs -- from total campus environments, to neighborhood workplaces, to single Team Center™ spaces.

We will also work with you to develop and visualize unique features for facilities, products, and services.  Our design team will conceptualize a name, a look, or a theme for your workplace, product, or service.  We will work on-site at your location, or off-site at ours, and communicate the designs to you via phone/fax, etc.  On-site, our designers will sketch a part of the project, providing immediate visualization of the ideas developed.

We also specialize in developing creative concept designs for:
  • Buildings
  • Departments
  • Reception Areas
  • Team Centers™
  • New Products
  • Packaging
  • Brands
  • Logos
  • Programs
  • Conventions

On- and off-site work is available.

Learn about our Kitchen for the Mind™.


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